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Saint Louis Dentists

If You Are Looking for Saint Louis Dentists, Then Be Sure to Learn About South Towne Dental in Mehlville, Missouri

Saint Louis Dentists: Opt for Your Local, Melville Dentist’s Office, South Towne Dental

If you are looking for Saint Louis dentists, then consider visiting a really good, local dentist just outside the city in Saint Louis in Mehlville, specifically, Saint Louis County dental practice, South Towne Dental (314-635-9587) located in Mehlville, Missouri.   Your local dentist in Mehlville, Dr. Adis Hasanagic, D.D.S., is one of locally-practicing, Mehlville, or Saint Louis County dentists, with expertise covering the basics to permanent Orthodontic, Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and additional treatment options.  And, Dr. Hasanagic and his staff accept major dental insurance plans and we offer competitive pricing on all services.  You can find an affordable dentist's office in Saint Louis, just visit Dr. Hasanagic’s Mehlville dentist's office.

Adults may contact South Towne Dental for more details about specific dental services or procedures, or about scheduling dental visits, follow-ups visits, or to schedule appointments for specific dental procedures.  If you would like to visit South Towne Dental, our dental practice in Saint Louis County, you may also schedule an appointment at that time, or you may reach our dentist’s office at314-635-9587.

Adults may schedule an appointment with South Towne Dental, or you may reach us by e-mail at: [email protected].

Are You Looking for Local Saint Louis Dentists for Full-Service Dentistry?

Dr. Hasanagic, one of the many Saint Louis dentists, is also one of the best cosmetic dentists in Saint Louis County for a wide range of temporary and permanent cosmetic procedures, and permanent Orthodontic procedures, restoration work and related procedures.  Dr. Hasanagic and his staff deliver expertise covering several main dental service categories as well as a variety of specific dental procedures.  Our affordable dentist's office in Saint Louis County (Mehlville, MO) offers patients a convenient location, particularly if you need a dentist for procedures requiring more than one visit or long-term multiple visits, such as Orthodontic treatment. South Towne Dental provides adults with full-service dentistry and we provide age-appropriate dental hygiene, dental care and education services for children and teenagers.  Generally, patients receive practical benefit from restorative dental procedures, and have the added cosmetic benefit in many cases. And, Dr. Hasanagic provides competitive and even more affordable patients than many Saint Louis dentists and we also accept many dental insurance plans (ask us if your insurer covers procedures or general dental care services).

Dr. Hasanagic offers expertise from basic dentistry services to performing permanent, complex procedures or long-term treatment regimens (e.g. Orthodontic realignment treatment).  It is good to have a dentist who can handle the basics as well as treat complex dental issues effectively.

South Towne Dental’s Patient Services include:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services include a variety of temporary service options (e.g. teeth whitening serviceslearn more about teeth whitening in Saint Louis County), and permanent cosmetic procedures; many Restorative Dentistry Services offer patients permanent cosmetic benefit as well
  • Children’s Dentistry Services include age-appropriate dental care and education for toddlers, children or teenagers
  • —Conventional removable dentures, full sets of dentures, partial dentures (partials), and dental bridges
  • Dental composites/dental bonding procedures strengthen, protect, and repair chipped, compromised, cracked, damaged, deformed, or weakened teeth
  • Dental crowns are used for repairs and restoration work and for cosmetic applications: learn more about All-Porcelain Crowns
  • —Dental implants to cover a missing tooth or complete upper and lower dental implantation services (and, more than one tooth or less than all, whatever a patient needs and what service will be beneficial)
  • —Endodontic root canals, diagnosis, treatment of the tooth infection; removal of the unsalvageable portion (extraction only if necessary) and then resolution of the situation with subsequent restoration work for the remainder of the tooth
  • —Inlays
  • —Onlays
  • Fitting oral sleep appliances applicable once a patient is diagnosed with a sleeping disorder
  • —Orthodontic treatment of long-term, adult dental misalignment using custom-molded, removable aligners made from new progressive measurements based on dental movement since last measurements; this is high-tech, completely customized, adult teeth straightening; consider using the completely customizable Invisalign® Clear Braces system to resolve your long-term adult dental misalignment and related problems—learn more about Invisalign® Clear Braces in St. Louis County
  • Porcelain veneers
  • —Preventative Dentistry Services and/or General Dentistry Services: exams, check-ups, diagnostics, X-rays, teeth cleanings, full-service dentistry options, general, in-office dental hygiene services, oral health screenings, CaMBRA (CariFree Screening), treating and resolving gum diseases, and various additional dental treatment options or services
  • Restorative Dentistry Services are permanent dental solutions for a range of many dental issues including cosmetic issues; permanent dental work from one tooth to all upper and lower teeth; also, many patients receive cosmetic benefit from permanent restoration procedures
  • Tempro Mandibular Joint/Tempro Muscular Disorder (TMJ/TMD) diagnosis and treatment; this is usually the result of normal types of long-term adult dental misalignment (see below), and many patients experience problems such as jaw joint dislocation, jaw joint pain, tight and/or painful and strained muscles, extreme headaches, “popping” jaw, problems with chewing food correctly and other related problems—Orthodontic treatment over the long term may resolve some or all of these symptoms as patients upper and lower teeth are more properly aligned

Saint Louis Dentists Offering Orthodontic Treatment of Long-Term Dental Misalignment

South Towne Dental and your affordable cosmetic dentist in Mehlville, Dr. Hasanagic, is one of the Saint Louis dentists offering completely customized treatment of long-term, adult dental misalignment.  We use the industry-standard replacement for conventional braces, the completely customized, Orthodontic Invisalign® Clear Braces system.  This type of treatment uses continuous and progressive pressure on your teeth to move teeth over about 12-months to 18-months.  This system is an effective treatment method for mild to moderate dental misalignment problems.  Dr. Hasanagic can determine if adults are likely to benefit from this system.  Patients visit the dentist once every two or three weeks for new exacting measurements.  The dentist then creates a custom mold to use to make your low-profile, removable, unobtrusive, and easy to use dental aligners.  Each version of the aligners gets patients to the next step by continued and progressive pressure on your teeth.  This system slowly realigns teeth as indicated by the dentist.  This system offers adults with mild to moderate dental misalignment a treatment option that can frequently and effectively resolve dental alignment and related issues such as TMJ/TMD.

Adults suffering with dental misalignment should strongly consider this custom Orthodontic treatment option.  You can find affordable Invisalign® Clear Braces in Mehlville available at South Towne Dental.

Visit One of Your Local Mehlville Dentists for General Services or Specific Dental Procedures

South Towne Dental, one of your local Saint Louis County, and specifically, Mehlville dentists, is where you can receive service from a local St. Louis dentists with experience running an affordable, full-service, Saint Louis County dental practice.  Dr. Hasanagic serves dental patients from all over the Saint Louis metropolitan area including residents of Saint Louis, Saint Louis County (e.g. Mehlville, Oakville, Sappington, Affton, Lemay, Fenton, Marlborough, Concord, Webster, Crestwood, Webster Groves), Jefferson County (e.g. Arnold, Festus, Imperial, Crystal City), and residents from the Illinois side (e.g. Columbia, Dupot, Cahokia, Belleville).  We are quite close to many communities in Illinois and Jefferson County.  So, if you are looking for conveniently-located, dentist's offices in Saint Louis County, then be sure to give South Towne Dental a try.

Currently, we are accepting new patients.  You may set up a first dental visit and/or consultation about a specific dental service, or to discuss dental issues that negatively affect your life, or you have dental problems that are recent and require immediate attention, then schedule an appointment as soon as possible.  A healthy set of teeth gives you a good smile, and fixing dental problems, particularly alignment, infection, gum diseases or related problems can also help resolve other health issues or reduce some additional health risks.

Adults may contact South Towne Dental for more details about dental services, regarding scheduling appointments, or to ask about what dental insurance policies are accepted, or for answers to other related dental questions.  Adults may schedule an appointment online with South Towne Dental; or, you may call South Towne Dental at 314-635-9587.  And, you may reach us by e-mail at hour leisure at:  [email protected].

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