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Clear Braces St. Louis

Choose Invisalign® Clear Braces from a Local St. Louis County Dentist's Office, South Towne Dental

Mehlville Dentist Fits Adult Patients with Invisalign® Clear Braces in St. Louis County

Invisalign® Clear Braces for St. Louis metropolitan, adult residents are a convenient, and custom treatment regimen to correct many teeth alignment issues.  Many adults can readily benefit practically, as well as cosmetically, from advanced, removable, low-profile, and completely customized orthodontic treatment to rectify many long-term teeth alignment problems.  When you opt for Clear Braces from Mehlville dentist Dr. Adis Hasanagic, D.D.S., one of the best cosmetic dentists in St. Louis County, you will receive personalized care over the treatment regimen.

Invisalign® for Mehlville and St. Louis area patients is the state-of-the-art, orthodontic treatment regimen which is completely customized to each patient throughout the entire process.  The results achieved by Clear Braces are far superior to old style metal braces, and since the braces are removable, your dental hygiene is better than the “permanent” metal braces of yesterday.  For adults that think that metal braces, bands, irritation and pain is the way to realign teeth, then you will undoubtedly find the tried and tested Invisalign® treatment option a modern, nearly pain-free, effective, and convenient dental alignment treatment option.

Local dental treatment, by a local dentist trained in the state and practicing hear in the St. Louis area, can be beneficial dental care provider to offer you options for teeth alignment problems.  You do not have to live the rest of your life with alignment problems, and the frequent TMJ/TMB problems, joint pains, and headaches.  Come in to South Towne Dental (314-635-9587) to explore your customized treatment options with a local, professional and very experienced dentist offering orthodontic service and cosmetic dentistry here in Mehlville.

Invisalign® Clear Braces: St. Louis Adult Residents Have the Option of Customized Dental Realignment Treatment

Your Clear Braces are custom-made at the dentist’s office, are removable aligners, are a clear alternative to other options on the market, and are vastly superior to old style metal braces.  Your regimen of using Clear Braces typically lasts for 12 to 18 months depending on the severity of your teeth misalignment issue.  This system provides patients with custom molds or aligners, which are made about every two to three weeks.  As your teeth are continuously and progressively moved, the next mold then holds the teeth at that point of alignment while adding continual pressure to move your teeth further into the indicated, preferred, and final alignment.

Invisalign® Clear Braces are the leading dental standard.  This convenient, completely customized treatment regimen offers patients care that is tailored and personal dental and/or cosmetic needs and preferences.  This system has replaced older style metal and wire braces.  Resolving long-term teeth misalignment is effective in most patients, although severe misalignment or trauma induced problems may require longer treatment and/or other types of treatment.  Your dentist will provide you with options if this is the case.

When you choose the Invisalign® Clear Braces regimen, you receive personal care, removable and custom-molded liners that progressively force your teeth slowly into the indicated alignment goal.  These molds are made with measurements performed by your dentist every two to three weeks.  These progressive molds or “Clear Braces” are designed to apply continual pressure on upper and lower teeth.  This progressive pressure slowly pushes teeth into the best achievable alignment.  This process does not involve any invasive procedures offering patients comfort and convenience in most cases.  It is quite rare that the patient actually has pain, the pain that was so common with older metal braces, wires, bands, and essentially permanent condition of continuously wearing the braces until the treatment regimen was complete.  It is unlikely patients will require any extractions, if so, you dentist will discuss this with you.  Rely on a local dentist to work with you in order to determine the best treatment regimen.

Preventative, General Dentistry, Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Procedures

When you choose South Towne Dental for Clear Braces St. Louis County, you will have a local dentist and experienced team of technicians providing you with customized care with the goal of achieving a new, proper alignment for your upper and lower teeth.  Each patient’s case is different, and therefore, each treatment regimen is unique.  When you rely on South Towne Dental, you are relying on the experience and expertise of a local dentists office committed to providing the best possible care to our St. Louis area neighbors.  Since the Clear Braces treatment regimen is an investment in time and care, be sure that you discuss your expectations and goals about braces with Dr. Hasanagic, D.D.S.  We strive to offer the best care using the best treatment options that we can deliver.  We hope each patient can use these custom aligners or molds easily, and that the process results in the preferred treatment goal and outcome.

South Towne Dental is a full-service dental office.  We offer services for children and teens, but our full-service options are available for adult patients, particularly cosmetic options.  Adult patients may opt for preventative care, permanent restoration treatments, cosmetic procedures, and other options.  South Towne Dental also offers dental composites/dental bonding procedures (tooth-colored composite fillings and sealants), dental crowns for strengthening or protecting weakened teeth (learn about our All-Porcelain Crowns), permanent restorations with dental implants (implantation or implant dentures), full sets of dentures (upper and lower teeth), endodontic root canals and following restoration work, Onlays, Inlays, porcelain veneers, and even cosmetic teeth whitening services (in-office or at-home whitening treatment options).

You can learn about all of South Towne Dental’s services including preventative procedures, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry options by reviewing South Towne Dental’s Patient Services.

St. Louis Metropolitan Residents, Contact South Towne Dental About Invisalign® Clear Braces

Adults in Mehlville, Oakville, from the City of St. Louis, Lemay, Sappington, Affton, Concord, Marlborough, St. George, Shrewsbury, Sunset Hills, Crestwood, Fenton, or other St. Louis County communities and suburbs are invited to visit South Towne Dental to discuss your options about the Invisalign® Clear Braces treatment regimen or other dental services.  We also invite our neighbors within driving distance from Columbia, Illinois (and other communities), or from Jefferson County including Crystal City, Arnold, Festus, Imperial, or elsewhere to visit us as well.

You may stop by the office to set up your first visit or a return visit. Additionally, you may call us in Mehlville at 314-635-9587, contact South Towne Dental, or email us with your questions about service and treatment options.  We do offer a convenient way to schedule dental appointments online.

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