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Clear Braces Affton

Opt for Invisalign® Clear Braces in Affton, Missouri

St. Louis County Dental Office Provides Individual Service

Residents of Affton, Invisalign® Clear Braces are available from a local, St. Louis area dental office.  Not only do our patients receive excellent care near Affton, Missouri, at South Towne Dental in Mehlville, Missouri.  Dr. Adis Hasanagic, D.D.S. provided local care and South Towne Dental provides a wide range care options. Dr. Hasanagic in an affordable cosmetic dentist St. Louis. You can learn about our dental service and procedures for adults.  We offer general dental care, Restorative Dentistry services, preventative care, and  Cosmetic Dentistry services, and Restorative Dentistry services.  We can offer a care regimen using Invisalign Clear Braces for Affton patients, or for any resident of nearby communities.

Looking for a Dentist for Invisalign Clear Braces in Affton?

South Towne Dental is currently accepting patients in need of any of our dental service.  If you live in the area and you don’t mind a short drive for a treatment course, then your entire customized, Orthodontic treatment can be handled locally.  experienced dentist, Dr. Adis Hasanagic, D.D.S., makes your new molds for the custom, precise Invisalign® Clear Braces based upon individual patient progress.  Each mold is unique to each person’s individual dental misalignment issues, and then the progressive change throughout a treatment regimen lasting for an average of 12-19 months.  You will receive your new, progressively c hanged, removable dental aligners, or Clear Braces from our Mehlville dentist’s office.

Generally, your dentist in Mehlville for Invisalign® will make new, industry standard, low-profile, removable, completely custom-molded aligners.  Each new measurement and custom mold is to progressively and continuously place pressure your upper and/or lower misaligned teeth, which will slowly, continuously move teeth into a more proper alignment as indicated by your dentist’s treatment plan.   We work with Affton, and local St. Louis area patients throughout your entire Orthodontic treatment course.

A Few Benefits for Patients in Affton Who Choose Invisalign®

Clear Braces for Affton residents, or for any of our neighbors in southern St. Louis County, Jefferson County, or residents of Illinois making the short drive to Mehlville.  Our patients can expect a few tangible, value-added benefits by choosing an Orthodontic treatment course to realign your teeth that is completely customized to your teeth.

The days of old metal, wire and band braces has been over for a while. Most patients easily notice improved cosmetic benefit, but it is more important because you progressively have a better aligned set of upper and lower teeth.  Affton residents choosing Invisalign® Clear Braces can expect convenience.  The removable, low-profile, custom aligners may be removed to eat meals, for sleeping, drinking or other reasons.  Your removable aligners do allow you to perform all of your daily dental hygiene.

Molds are unique to each individual patient while progressing with the treatment regime.  Most patients find that these clear aligners your aligners are low-profile, unobtrusive, and easy to use for daily activities.  The progression of using continuously custom molds based on new measurements every time you visit the dents also allows your dentist to offer patients considerably more accuracy than with older style metal braces.  Thus, your dentist has full control of the precision and changes for the next mold throughout your Orthodontic misalignment treatment process.  Also, patients generally find Invisalign® painless, you may have a slight discomfort with a new fitting.

The entire Clear Braces treatment is accurate and effective.  We can help long-term teeth alignment problems.  Also, many patients have jaw joint pain, headaches, muscle tightness, or other uncomfortable problems that are long-term.  In many cases, a full course of realigning teeth, with or without other procedures, generally results in rectifying many of your problems.

Learn About Other Dental Procedures Available at South Towne Dental

South Towne Dental is your  Affton cosmetic dental office.  Dr. Hasanagic is a local, affordable cosmetic dentist for anyone in St. Louis within driving distance of our Mehlville.  We encourage you to learn about a dentist for Clear Braces near Affton.  We serve patients from all over the St. Louis metropolitan area, and we offer full-service dentistry options.  We encourage you to learn about our general dental care services, or to learn about our Restorative Dentistry services, or to learn about our Cosmetic Dentistry services, Restorative Dentistry services, and preventative care procedures.

Invisalign® Clear Braces for Affton, St. Louis County and Nearby Adult Patients

South Towne Dental is now accepting new, adult patients the St. Louis area for a consultation.  If you are interested in Clear Braces in Affton, then visit our office, just a short drive away, or contact South Towne Dental to set up your first visit a consultation about Orthodontic Invisalign® treatment to resolve your long-term dental misalignment problems.  We can discuss the entire process, making your custom aligners from periodic re-measuring of your teeth alignment as the permanent dental realignment progresses.

We invite new patients from Affton, Sappington, Concord, Crestwood, Lemay, Oakville, Mehlville, St. Louis, Fenton, or from Jefferson County, or from Illinois.  You may review South Towne Dental’s Patient Services to learn about our full-service dentistry options available for adult patients.  We provide standard dentistry services for younger patients in family as well.

You may reach South Towne Dental in Melville at 314-635-9587.  Also, you can reach our dental office by e-mail at: [email protected].

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