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Affordable Cosmetic Dentist St. Louis

Are You Looking for an Affordable Cosmetic Dentist in St. Louis?

Choose a Local, Affordable Cosmetic Dentist in St. Louis County for Expertise in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry Techniques

Adults who are looking for an experienced, affordable, cosmetic dentist in St. Louis County are invited to visit a cosmetic dentist in Mehlville, Missouri, at South Towne Dental, who has considerable experience in Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, Restorative Dentistry services, preventative and general dental care.  Dr. Adis Hasanagic, D.D.S. delivers expert dental care to patients of all ages.  Adult patients can take advantage of permanent dental procedures including cosmetic options, restoration work, or treatment of Endodontic root canals, or for long-term treatment of dental misalignment problems.  We offer the advanced, industry-standard, completely customized Invisalign® Clear Braces.  Adults wishing to treat their teeth alignment problems, many of which may have been problematic for decades, can received custom-molded aligners made at the dentist’s office.  This treatment regimen has purely cosmetic benefits, but realigning teeth offers patients practical benefits that can last the rest of your life.

At South Towne Dental, patients always have the option of receiving expert care provided by a local St. Louis dentist with a local practice.  Dr. Hasanagic, D.D.S., has considerable experience with many advanced and industry standard cosmetic dentistry procedures.  We also do our best to provide all procedures including cosmetic options at affordable rates.  We would like to let each patient know that you can always discuss any long-term cosmetic dental problems that negatively affect your life, as well as any other related dental procedures and solutions with Dr. Hasanagic, D.D.S.  We have made a point of offering adult patients a wide range of advanced, state-of-the-art cosmetic dental solutions.  Many dental restoration procedures offer patients purely practical solutions for cosmetic problems, and they can also offer patients cosmetic benefits.

Prospective patients looking for an affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis and any of our returning patients contact South Towne Dental (314-635-9587) to set up a first visit appointment and consultation, or to schedule a return visit.  Patients with questions about services or appointments may reach our staff by e-mail at:  [email protected].

Returning adult patients or new patients may schedule an appointment with an affordable, cosmetic dentist in St. Louis at South Towne Dental.

Learn About Services from Your Affordable, Cosmetic Dentist in St. Louis at South Towne Dental

You can learn about our general dental services, exams, checkups, screening, hygiene services, Restorative Dentistry options and solutions, preventative care options to salvage teeth, and our wide range of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures for adults.  Many dental restoration services and cosmetic procedures are indeed permanent solutions for particular problems from one tooth to your upper and lower teeth as needed, indicated by the dentist, and desired by a specific patient.

You can review South Towne Dental’s Patient Dental Services to learn more about your options and our available procedures.  And, by the way, the staff here at South Towne Dental like to think that Dr. Hasanagic is not only your local, affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, but we are convinced he is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Mehlville—well, for that matter, he is one of the best cosmetic dentists in St. Louis County!

At South Towne Dental, your affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis offers adults a range of advanced cosmetic procedures and permanent restoration work.  A few of our restoration dentistry and cosmetic procedure options include purely cosmetic services such as teeth whitening (available in-office, or use an at-home whitening option), or options to treat more complex problems.  Some of the permanent dental procedures that are available at South Towne Dental include dental composites and bonding procedures, measuring and fitting dental bridges/bridge dentures, partial dentures (partials), and full denture sets (upper and lower teeth).  We offer patients other permanent restoration work such as dental crowns, all-porcelain crowns, dental implantations, or state-of-the-art Orthodontic services, specifically, Invisalign® Clear Braces for long-term teeth misalignment issues.  We also offer patients Inlays, Onlays, permanent dental restorations using porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, resins, and sealants, or even Endodontic root canals and the subsequent restoration work.

Your affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis provides adult patients with long-term dental misalignment issues with a completely customized, revolutionary, and effect Orthodontic service using Invisalign® Clear BracesInvisalign® Clear Braces from our Mehlville dental office offer patients custom-molded aligners made at the dentist’s office.  About every two or three weeks, we preform new measurements for your custom, removable aligners that progressively and continuously move your teeth slightly towards your alignment goal.  We fit patients with these ongoing, custom-molded, removable aligners that allow patients to remove the braces when eating, drinking or sleeping.  This new type of braces, unlike metal braces, also allow patients to perform daily dental hygiene as usual—this of course means that your teeth and mouth are cleaner with these removable aligners than with old-style metal braces and bands.  Your dentist will make new custom-molded, removable aligners throughout your treatment regimen.  Most patients spend about 12-18 months on average when using Invisalign® Clear Braces.  Some dental misalignment issues may not be corrected with this treatment.  If this is your particular situation, please discuss any and all of your treatment options.

If you have not located an affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, then schedule an appointment with South Towne Dental.  South Towne Dental is currently accepting new patients.

Contact a Local Dentist’s Office with Affordable Cosmetic Dentists in St. Louis County!

You can rely on the professional and experienced team of dentist, technicians and the staff at South Towne Dental for experienced care available direct from a local, affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis.  We provide services to adults and all family members, and adults have a more extensive list of service options, particularly when it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry services and procedures, as well as additional dental services to resolve other issues with Restorative Dentistry solutions and other care options.  If you need a long-term, professional, affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis for general or preventative dental care, dental restoration work, cosmetic procedures, or other treatment options, then contact South Towne Dental in Mehlville, MO.  You may reach us by phone at 314-635-9587.  You may set up an appointment with a call, or feel free to visit our dentist’s office in Mehlville to schedule a first visit or a return appointment.

South Towne Dental provides service to residents of St. Louis, St. Louis County, Mehlville, Oakville, Lemay, Affton, Sappington, St. George, Marlborough, Concord, Lakeshire, Shrewsbury, Sunset Hills, Crestwood, and Fenton, as well as or from other communities and suburbs in St. Louis County.  We are accepting new patients from Jefferson County including residents of Arnold, Festus, Imperial, Crystal City or nearby communities.  Also, our neighbors are in the Illinois side of the metropolitan area are welcome at South Towne Dental as well.  If you are within driving distance to Mehlville, then by all means, feel free to schedule an appointment online with South Towne Dental to have an appointment or consultation with an affordable cosmetic dentist in St. Louis.

If you have questions about our dental services, specific procedures, or about setting up appointments, then contact us by e-mail us at:  [email protected], for additional assistance.

You can learn about South Towne Dental’s full-service list by reviewing our Patient Dental Services or feel free to read through our answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

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